Camerons Products is the leader in Smoke Cooking Technology and the creator of great innovative grilling products to show both the home and professional chef the easiest way to infuse a smoked or grilled flavor into all foods. We have developed and found products to do this outdoors on the grill or camping, indoors on the stovetop, or on a basic campfire. For over 25 years, Camerons Products has been all about good cooking and is pleased to introduce brand new products to showcase this lifestyle and easy living.

Camerons 3-in-1 Multi Roaster

Four Cookware Products in One

The Multi Roaster includes a 4-quart saute pan, a roasting/drain rack, and an 11-quart stockpot. Use the saute pan as a lid on the stockpot to create and extra-large covered roasting pan.

Unique Features

The saute pan and stockpot both have side-mounted diagonal handles that allow for more access in crowded oven and easy pouring of gravies and sauces. Roasting/Drain Rack can hang on the edge of the stockpot which is great for resting your roast before carving.

Professional Grade Construction

Constructed of durable tri-ply 18/10 stainless steel to provide even and consistent heatinv

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