The VacMaster PRO350 Vacuum Sealer is the ideal solution to your vacuum packaging needs. Package anything from leftovers, to fish and game with this durable unit. The PRO350 features a stainless steel exterior and powerful dual piston pump, which can handle everyday use. Also has a built in cooling fan, which keeps the unit from overheating. Ideal for heavy home use, recreational hunters and fishermen, and for sous vide cooking.

Features a 12” seal bar with extra thick 5mm seal wire, giving you leak-proof seals every time. Helping you keep your food up fresh and avoid freezer burn and dehydration for long term storage. The roll storage and cutter will give you added convenience to store a 50 foot food storage roll. With a transparent lid, placing bags is easier than ever. Has an easy-to-use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for easy operation. Accessory port seals out air and moisture on your favorite foods.

*Disclaimer: Some items have been previously opened and some packaging may show signs of damage wear and previous handling. All items have been tested, inspected and are marked on package.